About Benefits Store Insurance Services, Inc.

Roger Smith

Roger Smith, President

A message from our President

The foundation of Benefits Store Insurance Services, Inc.’s successful efforts continues to be our commitment to meet Association members’ health insurance needs. Benefits Store Insurance Services, Inc. is celebrating its 30th year of insurance services for Association health plans.

Benefits Store Insurance Services, Inc. is a Health Care Insurance Broker and Third Party Administrator (TPA)

Benefits Store Insurance Services, Inc. is both a Broker of Health Insurance programs and related insurance coverage’s including Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Medicare and others services. Benefits Store Insurance Services, Inc. is also licensed to provide TPA services for California Associations. It does so primarily in premium billing, collection and remittance. It also provides administration of Cafeteria Section 125 plans including Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).

Realtor® Association Platform

Our focus for 30 years has been to work with the approximately 120 Local Realtor® Associations throughout California, providing benefits to their local membership. Benefits Store Insurance Services, Inc. is uniquely positioned in offering all of our plans to both Association and Affiliate Members. Our offerings include, but are not limited to, a choice of several group programs, including Kaiser (14 plan options) and Anthem Blue Cross (25 plan options) and hundreds of individual plan options. All plans are “Guaranteed Issue” which allows the program to accept subscribers regardless of their current or past health circumstances.

Benefits Store Insurance Services, Inc. is also able to provide Errors and Omissions for Realtor® Association members.

Benefits Store Insurance Services, Inc. and California’s Health Exchange – Covered California (Covered CA)

Our firm has multiple Brokers that have successfully completed the Covered CA licensing requirements and are Certified to assist consumers with the navigation and enrollment process into California’s Health Exchange. The process can be complicated for consumers doing this on their own. Since there is no discount/price saving benefits for clients enrolling on their own, it is usually advisable to have assistance from a Benefits Store Insurance Services, Inc. Broker in this process.

Customer Service and Support Systems

Benefits Store Insurance Services, Inc. provides a quality customer experience through our office staff in providing answers to questions on billing, account balances, plan renewal process, and numerous administrative issues. Our Brokers also provide this quality customer experience when asked to explain plan benefits, options and premiums and assist in applications and claims issues.

Monthly E-Newsletter

We scour the web for straight-forward articles from reputable third-party sources (such as Kaiser, The Wall Street Journal & more) that address how the various topics of health care can have a direct impact on our clients. We send these directly to the Associations and our clients and our E-Newsletter can be copied & pasted for inclusion on Association websites and/or electronic correspondence to Association Members.

Client Communications

The health insurance marketplace is very dynamic and constantly changing. Benefits Store Insurance Services, Inc. utilizes Facebook and Twitter to keep our clients and Associations up to date on the most important developments in the health care marketplace and to communicate topics of interest that can have a direct effect on health and health care coverage.

Our goal is to provide California residents with health benefits choices that are reasonable,
cost effective and help them meet a wide range of needs.

Roger Smith, President